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To help with your Phoenix Cups journey, we have developed additional resources designed to educate, inspire and create awareness surrounding life's basic human needs.


Wellbeing Hamper by The Phoenix Cups

Give the gift of wellbeing (or get one for yourself - you deserve it). This unique hamper will be a gift that will last a lifetime. The Phoenix Cups is a framework to enhance psychological wellbeing that has been heralded as a game changer at conferences and events about wellbeing and human behaviour. It is now available for all to explore from the comfort of their own home.
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Cup Filling Cards

Phoenix Cup Filling Cards - educating people about basic human life needs and the value of filling your cup and the cups of those around you.

Perfect for Groups, Teams, Families, and Individuals, the Phoenix Cup Filling Cards pack comes with 52 cups cards designed to educate, inspire and create awareness. Printed on thick, matte laminated card, these cards are neatly organised in a recycled card box for easy storage.

Instruction cards are included and an additional support resource, 'the Phoenix Cups, My Cup Filling Plan', will be included with your cards. This resource includes facilitator information on the meaning of each of the cups.

The Cards:

These cards were designed to inspire thoughtfulness about basic human needs with an underlying mood of gratitude and thankfulness. These cards will evoke productive conversations that will motivate new ways of thinking about self-care and mindfulness while fostering more fulfilling relationships.

Who are the Cards for?

These cards are great for a group, team or family to encourage open communication, foster respect and to raise awareness of the level of your cups and the cups of others.

The Phoenix Cup Filling Cards are ideal for:


How to us Phoenix Cup Filing Cards?

* Use the cards to support reflective conversations in team meetings
* Use the cards to inspire thoughtfulness about other people’s basic human life needs
* The cards are designed to support awareness of their own basic human life needs and to increase a sense of wellness and wellbeing.
* Using the cards will focus conversations in staff meetings so they are solution focused and strength based.
And much more!

Please note: Images displayed on website are artist impression only. Product box / cards may vary from pictured.

ISBN: 978-0-6487058-3-3
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My Cup Filling Plan

We know that when we are running on empty, we need to put our own oxygen mask on first because you can’t pour from an empty cup. We connect with these phrases. We get that sometimes you feel like you’ve got nothing left or you’re running dangerously low and need to refill. We’ve heard these sayings many times before. But what is it - this cup that we seem to notice most when it’s bone dry?

Are you ready for a great big light bulb moment? Are you ready to take the next step in looking after yourself and in turn the people you love? Are you ready to see your own behaviours and those of the people around you in a whole new light? Then sit down, grab your favourite pen, colouring in pencils or event paints, and let’s turn on that light bulb, shall we?

What's in it?
* A5 mini workbook with black and white pages
* The first 9 pages gives a full overview of The Phoenix Cups framework including what the Cups are, what does the Will to Fill and Skill to Fill mean, and what is a Phoenix Cups profile.
* The rest of the booklet is designed for you to fill out and develop a comprehensive Cup filling plan for your wellbeing and fulfilment.

Stuck for ideas? We've got you covered with a complimentary login to our My Cup Filling Plan 28 day challenge online course - check it out here . This course is worth $28 on it's own but you get it entirely free with this hard copy resource - My Cup Filling Plan.

Adult non-fiction workbook 24 pages
ISBN: 978-0-6487058-2-6
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