Whole school wellbeing package

A complete training package for up to 20 staff plus handouts, worksheets, posters, downloads and resources for all students and their families.

Also includes up to 200 logins to the 28 Day wellbeing challenge / online course (includes missions for families) for families to participate at home with their students.

The Phoenix Cups framework is a philosophy in which your teaching team, administration staff, students, and families alike can share ideas, language and understandings about wellbeing and behaviour. It will shed light on our own behaviour and why other people behave the way they do. This approach to understanding behaviour as a communication of an unmet need has an end goal of designing better behaviour strategies that will address the underlying function of the child's behaviour and enhance their wellbeing. This approach will excite and inspire your team to try something new - that works! Enhance wellbeing while connecting as a team and community.

4,900.00 4900.0 AUD



Hard copy resource pack

Library copy of The Phoenix Cups novel, Phoenix Cups 101 booklet, and Cup filling cards. Plus downloadable PDF templates and worksheets for all students and families.

Family Logins

Logins for families to participate in the 28 day wellbeing challenge / online course and family Cup filling missions

Workplace wellbeing training

Training program for 20 staff via online self paced training and live Q&A sessions.